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The Little Book of Horrors...

13 January
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Greetings and Salutations! I guess the most prominent thing to note about me here first of all is my partner. I seem to be quite well known on live journal through my boyfriend Gus. Yes, I am the infamous other half that he keeps making mention of. So I thought it only fair that I develop a live journal as well.

But aside from that, I'm a capricorn about to turn 22. I work in the city for the same catering/personnel company as Gus. I am studying at Wollongong Uni doing an Arts degree (don't laugh...I do have higher ambitions than this) majoring in French and Commmunications. 1 year left of it, followed by my honours year and then possibly on to study medicine.

Those who know me best will agree that I don't conform to any one particular category or stereotype. My friends come from a very wide and varied range of fields and personality types. I am a complete mixture of the queen, the redneck country boy, the layabout, the spiritual, the right-wing, the perfectionist. Compassion and understanding are two qualities very dear to me, as are family and good friends...